Automate your Infrastructure with Ansible Tower

Ansible Tower allows you to easily manage, configure and automate all of your infrastructure, with one single pane of access and a granular permissions system. Ansible Tower has a low learning curve for administrators, developers and IT managers, which is making it all the more popular these days. You begin simply by collecting all your servers into an inventory, and then write or download playbooks to make your systems sing.

Importing your server inventory can be done several ways, allowing you flexibility in how you obtain the information. However, if you are collecting this information manually it will quickly become a difficult process to get done correctly.

Luckily, with Tidal Migrations, you can easily determine your server inventory from our network discovery tools and quickly have all server’s details captured in Ansible Tower with no extra work. This is all thanks to our recently added feature to integrate your Tidal Migrations inventory directly with Ansible Tower.

In your Tidal Migrations application navigate to the Admin section followed by the Integrations section to get started.

This integration is available now to all Tidal Migrations customers. You can get a copy of the integration from GitHub and easily set it up with Ansible Tower in two steps.

-Philip Rees
Migration Hacker, Tidal Migrations

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